Shiver Me Timbers- Skull Scarves Are Back!

2 Dec

Nicole Richie shows us how to work the skull scarf

Here’s me thinking that they never went away!

A couple of years ago designers Alexander McQueen and Thomas Wylde brought the skull printed scarves to our attention.

Worn by celebrities including Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller, the skull print scarf was THE scarf to be seen in.

Worn around the neck, the waist, wrapped around a bag or worn as a headband the scarves bring a touch of rock chic cool to any outfit.

Love them or hate them the skull and crossbones print has been seen on everything from t-shirts to jewellery. I’m glad to say that the scarves are now making a big comeback (even though I never stopped wearing mine!)

In my wardrobe I already have a few skull print scarves in a variety of colours and designs. As mentioned before they’re versatile to wear and they look so cool! Plus ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with pirates (and The Goonies!) which is why i’m so attached to them.

Alexander McQueen Classic Skull Scarf @ Harvey Nichols £135.00

With the grunge/rock chic trend dominating the high street this season, a classic skull print around your neck is a must-have.

For those of you who loved the trend a few years ago, simply dig out your old scarves like me. But if you don’t own one don’t fret, the high street have a few for you to invest in- because let’s face it they’re a wise investment!

If you have the dollar then why not go all out and invest in a designer scarf- the obvious choice being an Alexander McQueen one. One day I hope to own all the McQueen skull scarves in every single colour… *dreams*

If like me you can’t afford to splash out on a lovely McQueen scarf then the high street is our best bet, even online sites such as Ebay (although be very wary when purchasing the designer scarves on their).

If you find the darker colours to edgy/’emo’ then opt for the lighter girlie colours, they still look cool and tough.

Wear them how you like! I think they are best worn with skinnies and a cool leather jacket like Emma Roberts. Check out our picks from the high street/online:

Emma Roberts brightens her black outfit with a white and black skull scarf

Flirt Skull Scarf @ ASOS £12.00

Black & White Skull Scarf @ Miss Selfridge £12.00

Grey Skull Print Scarf @ River Island £12.99

White & Black Skull Scarf @ Miss Selfridge £12.00

Red & White Skill scarf @ £10.00

Ivory & Brown skull scarf @ £6.98

Yumi skull print scarf @ USC £12.00

There are also a few skull scarves on in a variety of colours.

Any of you mateys going to rock this trend this Winter or do you think it should have walked the plank years ago? *gets coat*


Emma Roberts image courtesy of


One Response to “Shiver Me Timbers- Skull Scarves Are Back!”

  1. Priya December 2, 2009 at 8:18 pm #

    Sorry sunny I don’t even own one skull scarf, but i like the grey one from river island, the skulls are’nt as bold so you could wear with alot of things. I love the punk rock look, but more of a studs person! xx

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